Monday, November 15, 2010


The whole reason I was posting that blog was to publish some exciting news and I totally forgot! haha
I am going to be the Girl's Asst Dean at Ozark next semester! I think it is a great opportunity. I have really been praying about it and everything just seems to be falling into place. Plus it's closer to Kody! :) I know... sounds crazy! But, I think it will be really good for me to be around people again before I get into vet school and have no life...


My life has just been crazy and will be for the next month until the semester is over. I went to Kody's last weekend for his birthday and then I had to feed this past weekend. Kody told me he wanted me to buy him boots for his birthday. Of course, I was excited! :) They are Ariat's like mine. His are just a "little" bigger and a little less pink...

He looks so handsome! 

I had a biochem test Friday so I have been studying like crazy! I think it went well... There are so many things I would like to blog about but I just don't have the time. 

I'm so excited about Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see everyone! 

I found these super cute pies in a jar on one of the many wedding blogs I like to look at. I think this would be perfect for my wedding someday! ;)

I have found a bunch of other super cute things. someday I'm gonna put it all together and post it on here just for fun! 

I guess I should study... boo! One more week... I know this is a lot of random things but I just wanted to put a few things up!