Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thunder Game!

We took Adam to a Thunder game for his birthday about a week ago and I have been so busy running back and forth that I almost forgot to post about it. It was so much fun and worth all the driving!

My parents had seats on the opposite side of the court. Adam and I got to sit by some very interesting guys... haha

We were up in the nose bleeds but there really aren't any bad seats. The arena isn't that big.

My mom got Adam's name put on the big screen during halftime for his birthday. He was pretty excited and surprised when his name came up. And of course the picture turned out terrible. I had my phone ready but it wouldn't focus on the light of the screen... 

Oh! And... my boyfriend was there! Last year during the finals one of the interviewers for TNT just really amazed with all his different suits, so Lexy and Macy started calling him my boyfriend. He wasn't wearing anything too crazy this night but it is a blue plaid suit. (Hard to tell in the picture)

 And the Thunder won! It was a really great game against the Spurs and the win put them back in first place! 

We ended up getting home a little after 1 in the morning and I had to get up about 6:30 to head to Stillwater for class. I do not do well on 5 hours of sleep, to say the least. ha It was all worth it though!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Sibling's Day!

Today is Sibling's day and I happen to have a pretty awesome sibling. We may not always get along the greatest but your my sister and therefore will always be my best friend. 

Can't wait to see you in about a month and a half. Fun times will be had this summer! :) 

Also, you need to get home because I have no pictures of you and me and on my new electronic devices so I had to steal these fun ones from my facebook page. ;)

Love and miss you lots! 

Climbing Mount "EveREST"

Last Sabbath was one of those you don't want to end. (Well I wish they all would never end but you get the idea.) Lots of visitors were at the farm and it was another gorgeous day. After church we all headed out to climb "THE Mountain." The mountain being the highest point in creek county which is just to the west of us. It's really more like a hill. This is the same area that we were in when we walked the creek bed in this post. You made even recognize a particular tree. :)

It was a much bigger group than our usual, Elisa, Andrew and I. 

We did go part of the way up in the creek bed. Lots of briars and dead trees to see the waterfall. 

 And this is the waterfall...

We need rain. ha It did make for a nice resting spot after the climb. And frog eggs were found. Gus may or may not have eaten a few...

We made it! 

And there's the farm. 

Gus was worn out! He had a rough day. Before we even left, the crazy cat at the farm attacked him and tore up the inside of his ears plus that was a pretty long walk for his short legs. If we made to much noise in the house that night he would start howling at us. Don't disturb the poor guys sleep. 

We had popcorn and sandwiches for supper before heading into town for vespers.

 Lots of music at vespers. Perfect way to end the day.

Oh, and I started my garden on Sunday. 

I went home last night and almost all of my little plants had been eaten. I'm assuming the rabbit from last year... I didn't think they would bother them since the plants were so tiny but now I have to start all over again and will be putting the fence up immediately. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Coloring and Hunting Eggs.

I have been meaning to post these pictures all week but have just been so busy. I can definitely tell that spring is here just by how much I have to do that doesn't include school. All things I like to do like mow the yard so it's okay. I can always make time for being outside. :)  

Sunday morning we got up and colored eggs and the kids did a little hunting. I had to work at noon but I was glad I got to be in the middle of most of the fun. 

Gus is on to something in this next picture. He only ate 3 eggs this year and led the kids to two or three others. haha

Jake is way easier to take pictures of than wild kids. He likes to pose...


We were blessed with a beautiful day to play outside and we all had so much fun! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sabbath.

This weekend was a really great one. So great that I'm going to split it into 2 posts!

I led song service and it was one of those Sabbath's that I wish we could have just sang the whole church service. My church loves to sing and every Sabbath I'm blessed by the music but this day was extra special. I wish everyone could have stood up there and listened. One of the songs we sang was my favorite hymn "Because He Lives" and I wish I would have recorded it so I could share it here. Everyone was really singing there hearts out. Simply amazing and such a blessing! The reminder of what Christ did for us and because He lives, I can face whatever is coming my way is just so amazing to me.

After church I wanted to take some cousin photos. (Mainly to share with Macy and far away family.) It ended up being quite a fun event. :) 

All prim and proper.

And then this happened... (These all crack me up for their own reason, so I'm sharing them all)

One of my favorites. 

My mom actually got one that we are all actually in the air and I think Elisa did too but these are just as great. haha I love my cousins!

Then we got home and Brett and Emma needed a jumping picture. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside. It was a gorgeous day and I obviously need the sunshine. :)

Bonding with my sweet Jake.

I learned this weekend that Emma speaks horse and dog. When Mickey didn't come when she Emma said "Neigh" she just said that she isn't a good listener. It's actually a pretty hilarious story. It was all I could do to control my laughter when she told me this with all seriousness.

Jake on the other hand is a great listener. 

We kicked the ball around. I obviously did not catch  this one. haha

We laid in the hammock.

And ate popcorn. As you can tell by the two cute beggers below.

Then we went for a walk. Everything is starting to green and the wheat is really growing.

Gus caught his lower eyelid on some barbed wire. Didn't seem to bother him to much. I cleaned it up and gave him some pain meds. He would probably benefit from a stitch but he seems to be healing up just fine and it hasn't slowed him down at all. This is the only picture I could get that he isn't moving. 

We ended the day with some pizza and my favorite game, Dutch Blitz.

It was such a great day and I'm so thankful for the nice weather and my family! 

P.S. Can you tell I got my camera out. (picture overload. haha) I still took quite a few of these with my iPhone but I'm working on it. :)