Thursday, March 24, 2011

house hunting.

My knew obsession is searching for a place to live next year. It's so stressful! It is expensive to live in Stillwater and most of the cheaper places to rent are a dump. I found a SUPER cute cabin type house in our price range but the lady never called me back. :( I wouldn't mind living in the apartment complex I was in last semester but didn't really like hearing my neighbors so much...  So I check craigslist and different rental sites in Stillwater at least twice a day in hopes of finding something just perfect. I do not want to live with some random person, so for now it's just me. I still have a few months to look but I wanna know where I'm gonna live now! haha I know I'm impatient. Hopefully I can drive over and look sometime soon. I know something perfect will work out!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tuesday morning I woke up and was very sick. I won't share all the gory details but I cannot remember the last time I threw up that many times. Actually, I can't remember the last time I threw up period. I was feeling a little better by the afternoon. (Probably because I knew I had to be back at Ozark by 4 for work) Now my whole body just aches and I really just wanna sleep. But here I am at 6 am waking up the girls... :(

I'm very sad spring break is over. I had such a good one and had fully intended on blogging about all the excitement but our internet at home was pretty slow. (The wind tends to make it slower, and there was a LOT of wind) I would just get tired of waiting for things to upload and give up. I did lots of fun things though! Like:

Help do a c-section on a cow.... super cool!

Drive 3 hours back to Arkansas for class just to find out class was cancelled because the teacher was sick (very mad about that one), but Mitzi and the kids were at my grandparents so Kody helped Brett learn how to play baseball, and I took pictures and picked flowers with Emma.

Helped Luke plant countless lettuce, broccoli, and pak choi plants plus who knows how many onion bulbs. (They had to all be placed right side up so they would grow straight up for easier bundling) Sabbath, I could hardly sit down the back of my legs were sore from working in the garden all day. haha

(Warning: start doing your squats, or whatever exercise that would be, to get the back of your thighs in shape if planning to work in the garden this summer.)

Plus pick and bag asparagus,

I also presented the Africa trip at church, get a pedicure, shopped for a dress for Michelle and Jordan's wedding, and planted flowers in the pots at home!

 Overall, it was a really good spring break, besides the being sick part, mainly because I got to be outside and do things I really enjoy! I need to figure out how to upload pictures so that they look as pretty when I post them as the do on my computer screen, but oh well.

Going back to bed,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Day 1: Fire, Dog Bath, and Gardening

Today was the first full day of spring break. Yesterday I didn't do anything expect get my haircut and wash my car. So, today I was ready to be outside in the lovely 75 degree weather. I got a lot done and a lot was going on today.

I started the day off by cleaning my room (unpacking). I had decided last week when I was home that I was going to give Jake a bath over break because he smelled terrible, and so I set out to do just that this morning. Oh boy, was it an adventure! I wish someone was here to video it or take pictures. It was hilarious!

I didn't want to give him a bath outside because I was afraid he would get cold because the wind was blowing really hard. So, I brought him inside. Well, he was ecstatic! He loves getting to step foot in the house. He has never been upstairs though. I knew my mom would kill me if I used her bathtub downstairs so I took him upstairs to use my bathtub.

He has never been up stairs so it was quite a site to watch him maneuver the steps. It didn't hit me until we were upstairs that he was gonna have to go back down and had probably never done that before either. When we got up there he wouldn't hardly move. Somehow he knew he was higher than the normal ground and watching him walk was hilarious. He finally got in the bathtub but it didn't last long. He was scared to death... I'm sure he would have been fine if we were downstairs but somehow he knew things were different. I decided to take him downstairs and just use warm water outside. But. to get outside we had to go down the stairs and there was no amount of coaxing that was going to convince him to go down those stairs. I finally gave in and carried him, all 110 pounds and flailing legs, down the stairs. It was exciting to say the least. Once downstairs he was perfectly fine and ran all over the house. He finally got a bath outside. He isn't much cleaner probably but he definitely smells better! I wish I had pictures. :)

We were surrounded by fires all day! 

It was VERY windy all day so the fires were pretty much out of control! 

We got  the garden started! It is about 3X as big as last year. It's still not huge but it's nice to be able to walk out in the back yard if we need something. It's fun for me... Although this year I will probably be helping Luke a lot more and get my fill of gardening. haha

My dad and I love these chips. The Salsa Sunchips or whatever they are called. Well, the bag is supposed to decompose in a year so my dad decided to test it out. He "planted" this bag in my garden about a year ago. When he was tilling up the garden he found the bag. Hasn't changed a bit! I monitored it all last summer and didn't see any change so I don't how they think they decompose...

Cheyenne is shedding!! YAY! Hopefully she keeps shedding! I'm gonna get her thyroid checked. That is what a lot of vets have told me to do so we will see. Hopefully we don't have to go through another summer like last year!

The trees are all budding! It has been such a nice day! Besides the wind and fires... It is supposed to be a gorgeous week and I plan to take full advantage of it! 

I had a very busy day! Lots of being outside and enjoying the sun!

Happy Sabbath!!

P.S. I wrote this out Friday evening but our internet quit working so I am just now able to post it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today is Macy's birthday so I thought I would write a lovely blog about it. We don't always get along so well but we are sisters and so we make it work. She is one person I'm not afraid to just say it how it is with. Okay, I do that with most everyone but definitely with her. She gets mad at me but it's just because we are quite opposites of each other. We love each other and I know I can always go to her about anything and everything.

Since it's her birthday I started looking through my pictures. I think I will share a few here for kicks. They are some of my favorites and she would love me if she knew I even had this blog. :) I wish I would have thought to scan some old pics in but since it is almost 10 PM and I got up at 5:45 I will just post these few.

Okay, this just really cracks me up. hehe

Celebrating the Sabbath before her birthday.

I was gonna post more pictures because I have some funny ones but I'm at home and it just takes to long... 

Happy Birthday Macy! Have fun celebrating with everyone this weekend! :) Love you!! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I would just like to state that manipulative and argumentative girls annoy me.

The end.

(I wrote a whole post full of funny stories pertaining to these two characteristics but decided it might get me fired. hehe)

Can I go home now?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I got my acceptance letter last night! I was so excited I could hardly sit down the rest of the evening! I feel so relieved. Now I can stop stressing about getting in and start stressing about living through the next 4 years. ha I was overwhelmed by the support and excitement of all my family and friends. I can't wait to see what God has in store for the rest of my life. At least now I have a little better idea of the direction it's heading. It's gonna be a fun and crazy ride. I always knew I was going to be a vet someday but that letter just makes it more real and gives proof that it is actually gonna happen! :)

Now I just have to live through the rabies shot and TB test. I hate needles... (When they are pointed toward me or any other human. I know I'm weird. I'm fine with animals and needles.) 

Oh, and I have to make it through this semester and pass physics. Plus not kill these girls. I need spring break... they are driving me insane! 

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sabbath! It's cold again here. Been 65-70 degrees most of the week and now it's in the 30's again. :( Oh well, I'm stuck in the dorm anyway... 

Bye for now,
Class of 2015 Vet student :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

missin' home.

So I am official obsessed with a new blog.... she is crazy! Word of warning: If you even start to read it, plan on wasting way to much time. I love it! Maybe because she tells of things I can relate to in such a funny way that it is just really entertaining. Oh, and I am going to get a basset hound someday. She has reminded me of my love for them. Plus, she is from Oklahoma. Anyway, reading her blog has inspired me to blog about any random tidbit I feel like. It may not be as entertaining as her and my pictures may not be as cool yet but someday I'm gonna have some crazy stories to tell so I need to start practicing now. Plus I forget everything so maybe this will give me something to look back on.

Now that I jabbered about that for way to long I have a few pictures to share... because I have been bored and looking through my pictures.

i miss him. and I know he misses me because when I came back from Africa he was so excited to see me. It was hilarious! I wish I had a video... and then when I left to go back to Ozark he wouldn't get out of my car. My dad literally had to pick him up...

i know it's weird but I miss this...

and this...

i'm out of my element here. i miss all the animals... don't get me wrong, i'm enjoying myself here but i get bored! 

i'm so ready for summer! swimming in the pond, lake, and being surrounded by cousins!

i hear rumors that the cousin on the left might be coming home for the summer. i hope it isn't a rumor! ;) Emily will be missed though... growing up just isn't always fun I guess. 

Pioneer woman has also inspired me to take even more pictures... if that is possible! haha I, alone, took approximately 1600 pictures when I was in Africa. 

I have more pictures I could post in this "ready to go back home, and ready for summer" post but the girls are getting wild and I guess I should try to find out what they are supposed to be doing. 

I will probably post a lot of random things from now on. So, BE PREPARED! hehe :) 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I had my vet school interview Friday, Febuary 18. I was freaking out a few days before but the day of I was surprisingly calm and collected. I went a little early so I could visit my work buddies and see how there interviews went which helped calm me down. It wasn't as stressful as everyone made it out to be... The most nerves I felt through the whole thing was when the guy came out and said "Allyson Fisher, we are ready for you!" When I walked in they introduced themselves then told me to have a seat and pick a card. There was 4 stacks of notecards. Each stack was a different color. Throughout the interview a card would be taken from each stack. So i picked the first one and read the question. My 4 questions were:
1. What does it mean to be a member of a profession? (Didn't go so well. ha)
2. You are working on a project and your professor notices you are doing something wrong. How do you want to be told you need to change what  you are doing? (Saved the interview with this one.)
3. How do you recognize stress in your life? And how do you deal with stress in your life? (This one definitely didn't start out good. I wasn't sure what to say about how I recognize stress in my life. But the other half saved it.)
4.  Define Animal Welfare. Define Animal Rights. (This one went REALLY good.)

Each question I was able to answer then draw from experiences and stuff to make it relative to me. They were very interested in what I wanna do with a clinic on the farm and they loved that I have experience with poultry. Not many people can say that!

At the end of the interview they asked me if there was anything that hadn't come up in the interview that I thought they should know about me. So, I told them about Africa! They loved it! They told me about the school in South Africa, and the veterinary mission trips the school takes. They thought it was all just so cool.

I felt really good about the whole thing but you just never know. I have left it in God's hands and am trying to remember I can't do anything about it anymore so I'm just waiting. They started sending out letters on the first and are supposed to be done on the fourth so I should know by next week. AH!

I will post the results as soon as I know! Hopefully it's a happy blog!! :)


Well I have been back from Africa for a few weeks now. So everyone pretty much knows about the trip but just for the sake of it I'm gonna post a few pics of the fun we had. I wanna be back there right now... I miss it! Even the annoying guy I had to work with, Rob. He could maybe just stay home. haha

  The first day we were there, Kody and I went to the orphanage with Sharon to help her get things started. The kids were so cute and it was a lot of fun. But there were people who were better suited for the orphanage than the job site so we were happy to trade.

 There were about 5 groups that went around putting up the frames and then a group came behind us and put on the roof. We got pretty quick and could get about 3 frames up a day. 

After working we headed to Hwange Safari Lodge. It was awesome! It's the off season so we were there basically by ourselves so it was really nice.

After the safari we went to Victoria Falls! The hotel we stayed at was super fancy but of course Bill got it for about a fourth the price. haha

 It's the rainy season so we couldn't actually see the main falls there was so much mist. The mist was so much that it felt like it was pouring. We got soaked but it was still a lot of fun!

 Don't know what I would have done without her on the trip. :)
 We went on a sunset cruise Saturday evening. It was so nice and relaxing!

 We rode the elephants and saw around 9 giraffes up really close.

 Kody did some really crazy stuff from the top of this gorge. Like a huge swing and zipline... Not my forte!

We also went on a walk with the lions. It's a program that is breeding lions to release into the wild. 

The trip was so much fun and it wouldn't have been the same without Ernie and Sharon and Kody. I got to know so many other fun people too and got to know people I already knew even better. Even through roommate troubles, men with a problem with us girls working, and everything the devil threw my way, I gained such a blessing and grew so much closer to God. Mission trips always remind me of how much I have and remind me to be thankful for every little thing. Don't take things for granted! These people who have nothing are so much happier and never complain. It is so encouraging! :)