Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Take a Trip Down Route 66.

Yesterday my mom, Lexy and I headed to OKC to do a little shopping at the outlet malls. We found some really good sales! I'm pretty much set for school if I could just find some jeans that fit me and I like. I'm a little picky about jeans. I did get a really nice dress for half price at banana republic that I can't wait to wear. Now I need to find some shoes. :) 

We also went a little crazy buying clothes for my little cousins and for my Cousin Ashley's baby that is due in September. I wish I could show you some pictures because the clothes are so stinkin' cute but I want her to see them first. Outlet malls are the best places to buy kids clothes. We got tons of cute clothes for Brett and Emma too. 

We decided to take Route 66 home and it was so fun! Let's take a trip! 

This isn't actually on Route 66 but it is an overpass right by the mall and it is supposed to be a Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher (Oklahoma state bird). We thought it was a transformer for a long time. ha

First stop= Pops! 

You can get gas here and load up on pop from all over the world. 

The different refrigerators have different flavors. This one was different types of Root Beer. 

So hard to decide! It was probably a good thing Macy wasn't with us. ;)

I thought maybe I needed this but it sounds disgusting so we passed. 

We bought 6 different kinds. They are all just random we saw that looked cool. And of course a grape Nehi. (We are a little obsessed with M*A*S*H)

We got a few for the ride home. My mom got Raspberry, I got Dr. Pepper (YUM!), and Lexy got Manzana LIFT. All were so yummy! 

Lexy and I!

Next stop= Arcadia Round Barn. They have a lot of weddings here. Everything was closed when we went through so we didn't get to go in.

Alfalfa ready to be baled along the way.

A little restaurant.

Motorcycle museum.

I wasn't sure what this was at first but supposedly they crack walnuts in there.

Cute little movie theater in Chandler. 

Museum of Route 66 in Chandler.

One of the original hotels.

This little Cafe is what inspired the movie Cars. 

This is weird to me but people throw their shoes on this tree.

 Original road on left and the highway now on the right.

Almost to Bristow.

Pauper/Slave cemetery. Most have no name or anything on the cross.

 You can read more about these landmarks here.

It was a little weird not having Macy along but Lexy came along and kept us company! It was such a fun day! 

P.S. You like how I antiqued all these?! ha

Sunday, July 29, 2012

goodbye for now.

Macy left this morning very early. She is on an the adventure of a lifetime. I'm going to be honest, I don't really miss her. I'm pretty used to her leaving for school (12 hours away) but I'm sure it will hit me eventually. Plus we actually get along much better when we aren't together all the time. Continuing the theme of honesty... I try not to think about it to much because I start getting REALLY jealous. Here I am stuck going to school and she is on an island in the S. Pacific being a missionary. 2 things I love... islands and the mission field. I'm really trying not to dwell on it though. I got to go to Africa and she didn't. I just have a major itch to travel and be a missionary pretty much always. Maybe not for 10 months though. I'm a bit more of a homebody. 

Yesterday was spent with family.

Macy and I sang special music for church and Jae-min played the piano for us. 

Lots of pictures with family after church.

Bad lighting.

Grandma and the farm grandkids.

We had a going away party at our house last night.

Coop was slightly overwhelmed by all the people and insisted on someone holding him the whole evening. (Just like a baby. ha) He bonded with Elisa.

The whole group.

Above picture made possible by a ladder, board, and self timer. 


After pictures we had vespers. 

House full of people.

We sang lots of songs for the kids and they did the actions. 

Found this one on my camera. ;)

We ended the evening with prayer. We made a big circle around the house and everyone said a little prayer. Worst idea ever. Not a dry eye in the room when we were done. And I'm not exaggerating. I'm fairly certain there wasn't a single person that didn't shed at least one tear. 

I truly am blessed with the best family. Macy has the best support system a person could ask for. 

We are praying for you Macy!

If you wanna know more about her adventure you can check out her blog here.