Monday, November 26, 2012


I realize I have been MIA for awhile... I do have a good excuse but I can't tell you until closer to Christmas. I had a project I was working on that was supposed to be done about 2 months ago but instead turned into a Christmas present. Let's just say I'm pretty proud of it though and can't wait to show it off. :) 

Since I have been gone for awhile I thought I would overload you with pictures from Thanksgiving. 

The tradition continued and we worked calves Thanksgiving morning. We didn't have as many helpers this year but it still went quick and was a lot of fun! I even helped wrestle more than one calf this year and let me tell you, my body informed me it needed to exercise before doing that again. ha

I can't remember what Emily is trying to tell us but we seem a bit amused. 

Ya know how I said I wrestled a few cows?? Well this was a big one and I did not participate in taking the big ones down. I just gave them there vaccine and ran away. This one tried to get me involved but I escaped.

 The action in these next two shots kinda cracks me up. 

Matching braids and I'm not sure about the faces. 

Survived another year.

Some of the crew.

We had our annual family hayride Saturday night. It was a bit chilly but just right for bundling up and sitting by the fire. 

The fire shooting stump was the highlight of the evening. 

Thanksgiving night my great uncle Don passed away so that put a damper on things but I was very thankful to spend time with my family and have a little break from school.