Friday, April 29, 2011


I had a great long weekend home last weekend. Thursday I went and got a pedicure with my mom and we bought LOTS of plants, which I spent all day Friday planting. (It started pouring just I was finishing and didn't quit until I left home, so no pictures of my hard work. The rain is another story. Goodness...) I really enjoyed my day outside. 
Kody (and Gus) came over, and so did Brett and Emma, Friday night. Sabbath we spent the day at church, remember the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us. I sang "Why" by Nicole Nordeman. I will post the video but it's with a little apprehension. It was hard to get through. Everyone was crying, my allergies were TERRIBLE, and I was the most nervous I have ever been when singing in front of people. I literally thought I was gonna pass out in the middle of it. Haha I normally don't get nervous when I sing in front of people, especially my home church but this song has so much power. I guess that is what made me so nervous, the words are just amazing! Aunt Caroline and I cried almost every time we practiced it. Anyway, enjoy.

Sabbath afternoon was spent with family. :) It was raining so we all visited inside.

Saturday night was exciting. The kids decided they both wanted to sleep with me, both nights. Which was a little surprising, considering Emma is glued to my mom usually. Friday night went pretty good. They both talk in there sleep, which made me laugh a few times, but Saturday night was the fun night. It stormed really bad. About 3:00 in the morning the thunder got really loud. Every once in awhile it would be really loud and every time the kids would both sit straight up and yell "It's a tornado!!" It was hilarious. I would tell them it was just thunder and they would automatically be back asleep. One of the times Brett popped up and said "It's a tornado!! Don't worry I learned what to do at school." so cute.  It rained ALL day Sunday. We got almost 8 inches on Sunday alone I think. Or at least somewhere close to that much. It never quit! 

Our whole yard looked like this.

Our little pond was going over the spillway and spreading way out into the pasture. 

So, we spent the day inside. I braided Emma's hair. I was surprised she sat still that long.

We dressed Gus up. :) He still loves us. 

We dyed eggs.

Adam was quite creative. 

This is how Gus felt about it.

Since it rained ALL day, we hid eggs in the house. The kids still enjoyed it.

Gus is loved by all. :) He had so much fun running around everywhere in our yard and escaping. Sunday he had to stay inside because it rained so much. I don't think it hurt his feelings any.... he was worn out by the time the day was over. He had a blast following everyone around. 

It was so nice to be home and relax with family. This weekend is my dad and I's birthday weekend. I have to work, so my family came to see me. 

Well I need to put the girls to bed.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is where I belong. Every time I go home, I realize it even more. I know it's home and that it should bring up those emotions anyway, but this is just where I can be me and enjoy what I'm doing. The last few days, and actually the whole semester, have made me realize that I have chosen the right career. I have learned a lot at Ozark but I miss being outside and not having to deal with people all of the time. I know we are supposed to get out of our comfort zone, but working on the farm and being outside makes me happy. I feel like going to vet school is getting me out of my comfort zone but I still want to come back to the farm when I'm done. I have realized that when you are doing something you enjoy, even if it is work, it is still better than having to do a job you don't enjoy. Sounds cliche but so true. 
I'm ready to start my clinic, build a house, and start a family on the farm. Just skip the whole school part. :) 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is Gus (or Clyde, or George, or Woody, or Dan) we can't decide. Gus has stuck the best. Kody and I got him from the shelter. I have been wanting a basset hound and when we saw him we knew he needed to come home with us. He lives with me most of the time. We have him on a trial for now but I have to take him back and fill out the final adoption papers today, so I have to decide if I can keep him or not. He is the sweetest dog ever. He lays around all the time and is glued to either Kodys or my side. I think he is afraid we will leave him forever. It has been a bit of a problem because I can't leave my apartment without him whining. It is getting a little better but is still a problem. This is why I can't decide if I can keep him. I can work with it here but when I go home, he can't be inside with me all the time. But, I just don't have the heart to not keep him. He is so much fun, and so lovable. He also doesn't need a lot of attention just as long as you don't leave him by himself. He just lays around all day as long as I don't leave him and he doesn't shed hardly at all. I'm in a bit of a predicament...