Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I had such a great break! There were a bunch of people at the farm and we had a blast. This post will be mostly pictures because I have a lot of pictures. Thanksgiving morning was eventful as always. We worked cows. There was a lot of people there this year and a lot of people who had never done anything like that so we had a lot of eager helpers. I think everyone had a good time and no one got hurt to bad. (Besides some bruises and scratches)

I will let the pictures tell the story of how the morning went. :)

It was a bit foggy as we started rounding up the cows.

Elisa giving an injection. Pro! :)

I feel like Andrew, Luke and I are really making a fashion statement in this picture. ha There are a lot of funny things in this picture to me. I have a "stylish" knitted ear warmer over my redneck, camo hat. Luke's hat is tilted quite humorously. Andrew has a very stylish hat on, and is holding a shepherd's hook. (we are working cows not sheep, but it does work good to get the cows moving) I'm not judging anyones wardrobe just amused. ha

I believe this is Sally smashed in with a wild cow. Poor Sally... Elisa is consoling her.

Macy's friend Julie came all the way from Tennessee to join us for Thanksgiving. 

Wild Cow!

She got stuck...

They had to cut her out!

It was quite exciting!
She made it out fine! Thank goodness she wasn't a wild one.
I <3 cows!

Macy even helped out this year.

Julie, working hard! 

I had to put this up because William cracks me up in it. I literally laughed out loud.

Andrew doin' a jig.

I'm unsure what is happening her but it looks serious.


Such a cutie! 

Add caption

"Maybe he will just fall over if we push hard enough." LOL

I didn't actually castrate anything but I did help Luke search for what I'm going to say was a distended testicle.  

Weirdo's dissecting a testicle.
I don't have any normal people pictures of Thanksgiving because my camera got filled with cow pictures and old pictures so I have no pictures of the amazing lunch we had or the fun stuff we did the rest of the weekend.

After we finished up the cows we headed home to feast, and boy was it a feast! :) We then went over to the farm to show Julie's friend Lindsey and Macy's Julie around the farm. We climbed the grain tower and then headed home for a crazy game of Dutch Blitz. It was one of the craziest games of Dutch Blitz I have played in a long time. It was so much fun! Between Steven and Macy it was very hard to concentrate but we had a GREAT time. It was great to have everyone home and spend time with family.

Friday, my mom and I braved black Friday. Not really, just Atwood's. We got some really great deals though. :) Kody came over Friday night and we all spent the evening reading Christmas stories. (more like me reading and everyone listening, except my dad and Kody falling asleep. ha)

Sabbath, I taught the Sabbath School lesson on the spur of the moment, cousin Steven was there (very happy about that) and I had to talk for part of the sermon. (yikes!) It was really a great Sabbath.

Saturday night we had a hayride. It was pretty chilly and very windy! It was fun though! The "younger" people played sardines but I didn't play because I didn't want to make Kody sit there by himself (he has a hurt knee that doesn't need to step in a hole in the dark.) We had fun singing around the fire. We headed home and were going to play games but instead I completely passed out on the couch. ha 

Sunday was back to reality and studying. Boo! Only a little over 2 weeks left. Crazy! 

This is pretty brief but I need to get back to studying anatomy. I have a test Friday! 

Hope everyone of you had as great a Thanksgiving as I did! I have so much to be thankful for. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

too soon?

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I got busy and studying really isn't anything to blog about. Anyway, so last night I decorated my apartment for Christmas. I know, Thanksgiving isn't over but I have a good reason. I have a bunch of tests when we get back and won't have time to decorate so I decorated now so I can actually have time to enjoy it. :) The red swoopy stuff is prettier in person and actually looks red and sparkly in person.

It was fun decorating! I love Christmas. I watched a movie too, but it wasn't a Christmas movie, and made popcorn.

Sunday my mom, DJ, and I went to the craft fair in Tulsa. It was so much fun! I found this sign and I HAD to get it. It may not be completely true but someday and I CAN do it. :) 

I am now on Thanksgiving break. Some of my break will be spent studying but I plan to have some fun and get some stuff done. I'm excited to spend time with family and friends! I have a lot to be thankful for! 

I will keep you posted on the festivities. :) I'm making cookies right now! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sabbath afternoon we went on a hike behind the house. It was really nice but a bit cold! There are some "cliffs" about a mile or so east of our house so we hiked back there. We left from Uncle Mark's house so I took the dogs over there so they could come along. They were very excited!! haha They got to ride in the car and they got a lot of attention! We started out down the trail and Gus got distracted so he disappeared. I yelled at him and he came back but he is slightly ADD and disappeared again. I guess when I yelled the next time he just assumed I was at the house and so he headed home so he wouldn't be in trouble. He got to the house and I wasn't there but my parents were there and they said he howled and whined until I got home, which was about a hour later. ha Poor guy... maybe that will teach him a lesson. Jake, on the other hand, stayed right around us. He is getting a little old and by the time we got home he was really limping. :( There was a lot of climbing involved though. 

Aunt Caroline's friend from school came out with her husband and Jasper's new friend brought her girls out too. It really was a perfect Sabbath afternoon. Crisp air, good company, and pretty scenery! 

Lexy wore shorts, crazy girl! 

No water... there probably is now, after that quakenado. 

Family and "extended" family.

I love candids, especially of Uncle Mark! I have some real winners. ha

Worn out from the climb.

Not quite Tennessee but we had a pretty fall this year. 

Almost home, Jake was pretty worn out by this time and was bringing up the back of the pack,

The wheat is coming up nicely.

It's sad to live for the weekends and just try and make it through the part in between but I don't know what I would do without the weekend.

P.S. my blog has got like 400 hits since I posted about that quakenado. haha I guess it shows up when people google it. It's interesting to see the key words that brings it up on people's search engines.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Last night was a bit crazy around here! We were under a tornado watch for most of the evening. Being the Oklahoma girl that I am, I wasn't to worried. It ended up just being a pretty intense thunderstorm. We got some hail out here were I live... but the best part was right in the middle of the hail, torrential rains, lightning show, and thunder... an earthquake hit. My life seriously flashed before my eyes. I was sitting on my bed, "studying" for the test I had this morning, when the earthquake hit. I really thought I was about to die in a tornado! It was crazy! The walls started shaking and I heard this really loud noise and then it was over. I thought for sure I was in the middle of a tornado. I can handle tornados because I can hide from them and sort of know when they are coming, but earthquakes just happen.

Saturday night we went to see a movie and right in an exciting part a pretty big earthquake hit and it lasted for about a minute. Saturday morning one hit about 2:30 or something. It woke me up just enough to think my room was haunted or something. My fan was shaking a little, so the chain to turn it on was making this little clinking noise and other things were moving around a little. I wasn't totally awake at first so it really freaked me out!! then I came to and thought I was dreaming until my parents were talking about it when I came down for breakfast. 

Long story short... I'm a bit on edge... ha I have had it with these earthquakes!! 


yesterday was Kody's birthday but I didn't get this posted because a lot of craziness happened in these parts yesterday. I will talk about that later... but for now. 

...please take me back to Africa...

Happy Birthday Kody! I'm not sure what I would do without you. Thanks for putting up with all my freak outs and listening to me whine about how hectic my life is right now. (This to shall pass... in 4 years lol)

I love you! xoxo

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Anatomy class has made me realize a few things. 

1.) I realized how complex the body was before but I didn't totally grasp the complexity of it until this class. I know, I know... I'm not studying a human body but everything is pretty much the same just a little different orientation. 
2.) I don't know how anyone could learn all this stuff and not believe in God. I mean, how could you believe that all of those ridiculous nerves could work together if you believe we came from a bacteria or whatever. 
3.) I appreciate how complex the body is because everyone of those nerves, vessels, organs, work together to make us be able to live a happy life. It's pretty awesome! 
4.) I wish God would have thought of us med students when He was creating the body because I'm really tired of trying to find all those tiny nerves and remember what they innervate. 
5.) The nervous system really frustrates and confuses me. I have learned this in every class so far and still have not grasped all that sympathetic, parasympathetic, preganglionic, postganglionic, stuff. 
6.) My very sensitive sniffer and the anatomy lab just don't go well together.
7.) The end. Off to study anatomy... sorry for the rambling. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's really hard to study when you are sick and it's really cold outside and windy. I won't go into the details of my bad night last night but I am feeling better. Now, to find the motivation even though the wind is howling outside my window and it feels cold enough to snow. It really isn't quite that cold but my body still is adjusting. It was like 80 yesterday and I think it is 40 something right now. All I want to do is snuggle up and watch a movie or read a good book (not school related, unless you count James Herriot books ha) Anyway, I will go back to studying now... the movie and snuggling will have to wait 'til this weekend. Actually I might just go to bed, like I said, I had a rough night. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This weekend was our annual church hayride out at the Busby's. Kody came over Sabbath afternoon and Julie brought Jared out too. We carved pumpkins then headed over to the farm to show Jared around. The dogs came with us so when we climbed the grain tower they got a little freaked out... Here are some pictures from the weekend. 

The dogs looking for us.

Made it all the way to the top this time! no wasps. :)

Gus LOVES riding in the car. 

We went and visited my Uncle Mark's bird collection. (I think Kody took this picture because I don't remember taking it at all. ha)

We headed to Ernie and Sharon's early to help set up and to meet there new Belgian mules. 

They are the sweetest things ever. 

Just like big puppy dogs! :)

John is a little skinny, but he is a pretty old. 

Yes, my boyfriend has his pants tucked in his boots. I'm slowly transforming him... ;) oh, and Sharon was trying to escape the picture. 

John! I was ready to take them both home with me.

Flying through the pecan grove. It was so pretty but there was no slowing down! ha

I love fall! This picture doesn't come close to showing the colors we have because of the sunlight but I'm really surprised by all the color we have this fall. It's actually one of the prettiest fall seasons I remember. 

Hanging a lantern.

Waiting for the hayriders. 

Julie and Jared did one of the stations. They were such good sports. I didn't think about how normal people probably have a hayride during the day so they probably weren't quite prepared for all this but they were great sports and seemed to have a good time. We love having them come out! :)

So much fun!

The pumpkins we carved. The nose on my cow got a little heavy and broke off but it still turned out way better than I thought it would. We didn't have the best tools. Julie and Jared carved the one on the right, and Kody helped me. 
The hayride was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect! Just cold enough to stand around the fire and snuggle up on the hayride.